Kate was created while watching the movie “Breakfast at Tiffany’s (again).” Tired and thinking heavy on life and career, a film that reminded me of manners was in order. Seeing Audrey flit about I thought very loudly to myself, “You grew up being more like Audrey, but you need to be more like Katherine.”

Kate refers to Katherine Hepburn, a person of strength, capability and self-possession. Some are too young to really know these stars. Many are more familiar with the pop culture image of Audrey Hepburn with little black dress, pearls and glamorous cigarette in cigarette holder.

The truth is, I have plenty of Katherine in me, but don’t often nuture that side of me. You don’t see many posters of her around do you? If anything, images of “On Golden Pond,” the spinster or a manly, forward personality come to mind. People have even questioned her sexual orientation, nevermind the incredible body of work and life she has left behind.

Katherine was assertive, driven, wore slacks, had a kind of deep and perhaps sometimes brash voice, a wiry build, and a tomboy way that was at odds with the glorified image of how women should be. She had a 26 year-long affair with Spencer Tracy. She was unconventional and in time would epitomize the modern woman. Still she is described with words such as “independent, blunt, headstrong, outspoken.” These are all the buzzwords when applied to a woman still have negative connotations. Applied to others it would typically just mean boss and leader not bossy and a problem.

After having gotten walked on one too many times, I decided I’d let my Katherine traits shine and wait for the world to catch up with me. I suggest other Katherines like me not hold their breath. Just breathe and be yourself.

Now, I love Audrey. She was no less an impressive force. There are whole websites and blogs no doubt dedicated to each, and to many others with unique presence and history. But in a moment I was just thinking of the strong Katherines that came to mind, including the ones spelled with a C.

When I am channeling the spirit of courage, passion, adventure, self-determination and maybe wildness it comes out in writing about all sorts of things. Some I delete as they are fleeting, so take posts with seriousness at times but with a grain of salt too. We are all a work in progress and grow with or in spite of 60,000-90,000 or more thoughts a day.